Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Surf Ridin' In Baler

Since surfing is becoming so popular here in the Philippines, I decided to give it a try. I was a little hesitant to ask my partner to surf in Baler, because he has a big tummy and I thought he wouldn't be able to carry his weight on the surfboard. He proved me wrong!


There's an executive coach bus called Genesis Joy Bus that goes directly to Baler and it'll only take 5 hours of travel. BUT, you have to reserve 2 weeks prior to your trip, as the slots are full one week before the bus leaves. They have 2 trips everyday 1 am & 4:30 am. 

Regular aircon bus (Genesis) have trips from 12 mn to 7:30 am. I suggest you to be at the terminal an hour before the bus leaves.

As for us, we took the Cabanatuan route. We rode Baliwag Transit at 3 pm and arrive 4 hours after. AND, Baliwag Transit doesn't go straight to Cabanatuan Terminal, you still have to ride a tricycle to get to the terminal. If you're traveling in the afternoon, take ES Transport bus because they have free wi-fi and a reclining seat (which we didn't experience in Baliwag Transit) AND they stop at the terminal, mismo. 

Cost: 440 (includes tricycle from Cabanatuan to the terminal) for 2 pax

From Cabanatuan terminal, there are vans that goes straight to Baler Central Terminal (operating 24 hrs). It'll take another 4 hours.

Cost: 400/ 2pax


Since we arrived past 11pm already, we decided to stay at El Trophine Lodge. I'll have a different blog post about this, laters.

Cost: 700/night, AC room

our room (near Baler Central Terminal)

In the morning, after checking out, we went to Sabang Beach to find Secret Spot, managed by my friend, Lois, who is also a travel blogger. I'll have another blog post for this one, too.

Cost: 750/night, Fan room (1,500 for AC room)

our room

There are many resorts to choose from, but during summer season, most of them are fully booked.


Tita Rose, Adi's (owner of Secret Spot) mom introduced us to Kuya Joel, our surf instructor.  Kuya Joel has taught surfing lessons to Anne Curtis before and other stars. He's very down to earth and really okay kausap . Don't worry because most resorts in Baler offer surfing lessons. On our 2nd day, our instructor was Kuya Ronaldo from Aliya Surf Camp (click for more info).

Cost: 350/hour per person (includes surfboard rental & instructor) = 700/2pax
Cost: 350/2pax (day 2; 30 mins. each)

 I highly recommend Kuya Joel!

 sure kang kaya mo yan, honey?

Boinks! Nice try! 

success! tuwang-tuwa!

If it's not your first time to surf, you can have 30 mins. of lesson, and your partner can have the other 30 minutes.

 it's my turn!

falling gracefully! 

 never quit!

sa sobrang tuwa, napasayaw ako. 

ngunit subalit datapwa't..

Day 2: Kuya Ronaldo,  our instructor

my partner did prove me wrong! 

eto lang ang nangyari sa akin, high tide 

best-worst shot


After our first surfing lesson, we decided to eat at Gerry Shan's Buffet. I don't usually complain when it comes to food. I can only say, MASARAP at NAKAKABUSOG talaga sa Gerry Shan's. Buffet comes with unlimited drinks too. Tricycle to Gerry Shan's is 12/head. You won't get lost, this place is very popular.

Cost: 185/head = 370/2pax

Nom nom nom!

We had our last lunch at Bay's Inn. I ordered Carbonara and my partner ordered Tenderloin with rice (I don't know how they call it). Also, I ordered Iced Tea shake and my partner had Rocky Road shake. This resto is very popular among tourists because the food they serve is very delicious. The downside is, the won't take orders anymore pag madami na ang orders, even though there are still vacant tables in the resto. Bay's Inn is in just around Sabang beach.

Cost: est. 500 for the 2 of us

iced tea shake

Yellowfin Bar & Grill is just around Sabang beach too. If you want to drink and just chill out on a windy night, this is the perfect place to go to. T.Ice is just 35 per bottle. Pork barbecue is just 150/ 8 pcs. The food choices are limited, though.

Cost: 290/ 2pax

Other Activities:

You can go to Casapsapan beach in Casiguran (white sand beach), Aniao Islet, Diguisit Beach, Museo de Baler, surf at Cobra Beach, trek at Ditumabo Falls, Ampere Beach, Bulawan Falls, Maria Aurora watershed, Dicaslarin Beach, Cunayan Falls, and Digisit Rock Formation.

estimated cost: 5,000+ (including transpo to Manila)

Happy Surfing!

**I just crossed out one item in my bucket list! YIZ!**


  1. thank you Chyng! :D hihihihi

  2. Congrats on crossing it off from your bucket list! Sana magkalakas na rin ako ng loob to try surfing. hehe

  3. Thanks!!! Ok ang surfing, you should try! Hehehe=)

  4. My friends & I are planning to surf next month too. Is it possible to just surf in one day & not have to spend the night in Baler? Thanks. :-)

  5. Yay! Excited. We're going this weekend! Woohoo. :)

  6. Hope you enjoyed surfing! :)