Saturday, 2 February 2013

Backpacker's Guide to Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol

Alona Beach is located in Panglao Island, south-western part of Bohol. One reason why I got so attracted to this place is because of it's powdery-white sand. 


inside the Weesam express ferry

Anyway, at around 8:30AM, we rode a cab in Fuente Circle (Cebu) en route to Pier 4. When we got there, we saw Supercat ticketing office pero we decided to buy at Weesam Express (a few blocks away from Supercat). The next trip to Tagbilaran is around 9AM so naki-usap kami kay ate cashier kung pwede humabol pa, since it was already 8:45 that time. She said yes. 

Once we got inside the ferry, there was already a designated seat for us. It took about 1hr and 30 minutes (or less) to reach Tagbilaran Port. 

Tagbilaran Port

Because my boyfriend was very friendly at that time, she met an old lady in Pier 4, who was also going to Bohol that time. This lady, whom we called "mommy Ping" is a government employee in Tagbilaran City. She offered to take us to Tagbilaran Market, where we can find tricycles going to Panglao, Bohol. It was mommy Ping who talked to the tricycle driver (her driver knows the tricycle driver) and she haggled the price from 350 down to just 250. The tricycle driver also agreed to fetch us the next day at around 5AM.


Lots of resorts to choose from

It was roughly 30-45 minutes of biyahe from Tagbilaran to Panglao Island. Once we reached Panglao Island, there were "marketers" who tried to offer rooms but since we want a beach front room, the tricycle driver helped us find a room. We got one at Jahsz Bar and Restaurant, it's a beach front, for 1,500 per night (that was the cheapest that we got). No TV, but there is a hot & cold shower AND aircon, which was good enough for us. There's one ATM machine in the area (BPI).

Unfortunately, after we get in the room, the receptionist asked for 100 pesos, "commission" daw. We were a little pissed dahil akala namin, nag-volunteer yung tricycle driver, yun pala, may bayad. Hahaha. 



There were "tons" of restaurants to choose from. One meal would cost 75+ to 150+. The meals that they serve are mostly Filipino (sinigang, tapsi, etc.), Western and European dishes (pasta, etc.). In the afternoon, they would start selling sea foods that are a little costly. It's a little lively at night, parang night life sa Puerto Galera. There were singers in the bar and fire dancers. 

 Costly sea foods

Band Singer

 Fire dance!


Medyo na-nose bleed kami, kasi most of the tourists were foreigners. There were only very few local tourists when we went there. Some are friendly, and some blue-eyed blonde babies refused to take pictures with us. Hahaha. I don't know why. "Local marketers" will try to offer island tour for 1,500 and diving lessons for 2,500. 


There were grasses in some parts of the beach but you won't be disappointed with the powdery-white sand. Rocky? Not that much. Crystal clear water? Yes. Not that fully developed yet. Needs to be cleaned=)




Since the ferry will leave at 7:30 AM, we had to rush and get there before 7AM. UNFORTUNATELY, hindi sumipot yung tricycle driver. BUTI na lang there was another tricycle driver (kagigising lang niya) and we just asked him if he can help us reach Tagbilaran Port, immediately. He agreed and we paid him 300. You have to be there 40 minutes before your departure time because there were lots of people lining up and buying tickets. The ferry leaves at the exact time.


Ferry (Cebu-Bohol-Cebu) - 1200 (600/pax rountrip promo)
Tricycle (Tagbilaran to Panglao) - 250
Room (A/C, 2 single beds) - 1500
Commission ng Tricycle driver - 100
Food for lunch (Sinigang, Tapsilog, RC, 3 rice) - est. 350
Food for dinner - est. 400
Tricycle (Panglao to Tagbilaran) - 350

4150 for 2 na yan!


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