Monday, 11 March 2013

Our Cheap Accomodation In Baler

Near Baler Central Terminal

El Trophine Lodge

This place is just walking distance from the terminal. This place is located just beside Moreno's Lodge. We arrived in Baler past 12 midnight and this place was still open so they gave us the Family Room (1 double deck & 1 single bed) for P700/night (I guess the rate is for 2pax).

Reception Area


the room

 our toilet

 shower area

  • This place is just a walking distance from the market.
  • They were able to lend us a cup and hot water for our coffee. (You can actually borrow utensils.)
  • They have a lot of rooms that you can choose from.
  • There's a store located just beside the Lodge so you can easily buy something you need.
  • We got the air con room for 700, sulit na sulit!
  • We checked in at 12:30AM; the check out time is at 6PM. 
  • At around 2AM, we were awaken by the noise from the next door. Guests are laughing boisterously that we weren't able to sleep well.
  • Sorry, but the water in the faucet was really stinky that we just used bottled water to brush our teeth.
El Trophine Contact Information:
Brgy. Suklayin, Baler, Aurora
09193737575, 09387972080

At Sabang Beach

Secret Spot

The Secret Spot is a seaside resort located in Sabang Beach. This resort is just a few walks away from the Lighthouse in Parola. Tricycle from Baler Central Terminal to Secret Spot is 15 pesos per head. We got 750 for a fan room (1 queen sized bed). It's 1,500 for aircon room. Why Secret Spot? Find out by checking Lois' post here

Secret Spot, Baler!

our nipa hut

our room

our bed

toilet & shower area


  • The room/nipa hut has a feel-at-home atmosphere and the resort itself is located at the seaside. You'll experience the best sleep of your life here, ever.
  • Lois and Tita Rose (Adi's mom, the owner of Secret Spot) were able to accommodate us well. We even had breakfast with them in the morning!
  • No need to look for a Surfing instructor because Tita Rose knows someone who can really teach you how to surf well (Kuya Joel).
  • The room is simple and clean. They need to add a table, though. Hehe.
  • We checked in at around 1PM and checked out earlier at 10AM (work reasons. Hehe).
  • They are still building additional rooms/nipa huts there to accommodate more guests.

Secret Spot Contact Information:
T. Molina St., Sabang Beach, 3200 Baler, Aurora
(Tita Rose) 09434898188, 09284531777

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