Sunday, 28 July 2013

Quezon Series: Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel in Lucban, Quezon


Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel is perfect for a quick out of town trip with family or a weekend company team building. It is located just a few blocks away from Kamay ni Hesus. It has a lot of facilities and activities to offer like camping, biking and trailing.

The entrance looks so inviting.

Hotel Lobby

Resort map.

The room that Ate Karla reserved for us was a posh Victorian-ish style bedroom with two double-size bed, a balcony and a crystal chandelier attached to the ceiling!

Victorian-style bedroom



double-size bed

 I love this flat screen TV!

Complimentary drinks, nice.


 modern-ish mirror & sink.

 hot & cold shower

Toiletries-- I love!

The resort has a lake where you can do boating, adult and kiddie pools (with slides, yey!), adventure camp (wall climbing, biking and camping), function halls and a view of Mount Banahaw. Honestly, I was really excited to see the different activities that you can do in this place. 

Over there!

View of Mt. Banahaw

The lake.

The adventure camp.. reminds me of Caliraya. 

The colorful bridge.

Love to cross this bridge!

The pool!

Kiddie pool!

There's actually a lot of things this place has to offer. We went here last June 2013 and the place was jam-packed with visitors. Service is "not really that good" since we experienced some problems getting our complimentary breakfast and checking-out. I really love the style of the room. The resort itself is clean and really big-- safe for kids.

Credits to Ate Karla & Ate Meg for inviting us! Thank you!

For more information about the rates, visit their website: 


  1. Melanie Zarate Alzona-Medrano11 August 2013 at 23:48

    Nice place... Thanks for posting this. I will consider this for our next family vacation.

  2. Thanks! It's perfect for a weekend getaway with family! Hope you can visit! :)