Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Starbucks Planner Vs. Belle De Jour

Hi! I’m back! I would love to separate this post to another tab, but I really don’t know how. :(
Anyway, there is no reason to be sad because I finally got what I’ve been waiting for!

A 2013 Starbucks planner! But first, as the title suggests, I’ll write a brief comparison about the Belle De Jour, otherwise known as BDJ, and Starbucks planner.

Belle De Jour
I bought my BDJ planner last January of 2012 but I wasn’t able to write on it.

What I didn’t like:

Over-coupon-ized - the small coupons consumed a big space in the planner. I know girls would love to get discounts from coffee shops, shoe stores, shopping malls, but the discounts are just between 15-20%. To be honest, I wasn’t really able to use any of the coupons. I gave some to my classmates.

Over-planned - there’s the weekly plan, the monthly goals, resolutions, budget list, check list.. Oh. That’s just too much planning for me. I found the “Menstrual Cycle Track” helpful.

Lesser space to write - I really don’t need to explain this anymore. Haha.

What I did like:

Transparent storage for papers - it’s really helpful. I can just put the receipts and other important papers there.

Design - every cosmopolitan girl will like the design-- very chic, playful, and sexy.  I must say, my classmates did like the style of the planner too.

Size - it’s not “very” wide that it didn’t consume much space in my bag. Although I found the weight a little heavy.

Bookmark - there’s a bookmark too so you won’t really miss out all the plans you’ve set for the month.

Price - it costs around 565.00, I guess. You can buy it in the National Bookstore.

Last December 2nd, my loves helped me complete the last stickers to claim my Starbucks planner. 

What I don’t like:

The coffee challenge- spent too much for this. I went back to my coffee addiction just to get this. I probably spent 2K+ only for this. Glad that I have my loves to help me.

Wide- it is really wide. It will definitely catch other’s attention because it-is-wide.

Bookmark - the magnetic bookmark is really impressive but it’s a bit large.

What I like:

Space - yes! more spaces to write. As a student-slash-teacher, this planner will be helpful not only in writing down notes but also keeping track of my expenses and the tasks that I have to do at work.

Color - I like the fact that the white and black planner looks very “professional” while the green looks very “playful.”

Notes - they have some stick-notes with positive words that you can just give to anyone. I remember Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd’s move, “A Very Special Love.” The small notes, if given to anyone, will definitely make his/her mood happy.

I guess this time, Starbuks won. ;-)


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