Friday, 14 December 2012

Majayjay Experience

Majayjay is a municipality located in the province of Laguna, Philippines. My boyfriend and I went to Majayjay on my 21st birthday (April). It was our first out-of-town trip together.

How to get there:

Bus from Cubao to Sta. Cruz - Less than P200 each- 3 hours
If you're travelling on a weekend, it would be better to leave before 1PM. We left Cubao at around 3PM and we reached Sta. Cruz at 6.30PM.

From Sta. Cruz to Majayjay - P250 - approx. 30 minutes
Since the jeepneys from Sta. Cruz to Majayjay operates until 6 only, we decided to take a tricycle from Sta. Cruz to Majayjay town proper. (Costly, eh?)

From Majayjay town proper to Taytay Falls - P250 - less than 30 minutes
There are tricycles available when you reach Majayjay town. (See, it's really costly. So better leave Manila early!)

Taytay Falls - we have to pay PHP90 in the Barangay Outpost (the tricycle dropped us off at the barangay outpost, walking distance to Taytay Falls) for the tent and the guide to Taytay Falls. There's also a PHP20 environmental fee to pay. According to my bff, there's a small store near the barangay outpost that offers oil lamp rental for PHP20.

Majayjay falls.

another view.

Since we arrived before 10PM and we have no idea where to borrow a lamp or flashlight, my boyfriend bargained and paid the guide PHP100 for him to lend us his flashlight for the whole night.

trekking to the falls

We trekked for about 10-15 minutes going to Taytay Falls. The tour guides were the ones who set up our tents. Mind you, it was really cold there even at night, the water from the falls was "ice" cold.

 the tent.

ice cold water

The place was crowded, since we went there during summer time. The place itself was “rocky” so it was very hard to find a place where we can pitch our tent. The water is very clean but mind you, I noticed that the campers (definitely not us!) don’t really clean their trashes when they leave the place. At night, there’s no electricity so better bring a flashlight or rent a lamp. AND, bring insect repellent! The good thing is, you can set up a bonfire there! Nice!

very clear water.

water from the falls.

Since we didn’t bring any rice or food, we trekked our way outside the camp site just to eat our breakfast.  Rice meals cost around PHP60 to PHP120.

hanging bridge (closed)

for breakfast.

It was easy to go back to Sta. Cruz that morning since the jeepneys were already available. It took us 2 jeepney rides going to Sta. Cruz. From Sta. Cruz, we rode a bus going to Manila. It was a very memorable experience with my loved one.

A budget of 1, 500 each is more than enough for this trip. It was indeed a very "memorable" experience.


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