Monday, 4 November 2013

Fun Activities You Should Try In Boracay

There are various land and water activities you can try in Boracay. There's cliff diving, helmet diving, parasailing, banana boat, island hopping, sailing, zorbing, bike tour, ATV rental, motorbike riding and many more! We actually had less sleep because we woke up early in the morning to do some fun activities before heading back to Iloilo. 

Helmet Diving

This activity allows you to climb down a ladder until you reach the seabed while wearing a helmet glass which makes it possible for you to breathe underwater. Imagine being able to walk 10 ft. under the surface! We paid 350 PHP each (there were four of us) and it includes the boat ride to the site, assistance from diving instructors, helmet dive equipment and free souvenir pictures and video

our kind diving instructor took photos

Helmet diving may seem scary and unsafe at first, but once you're underwater, you will enjoy feeding fishes and walking on the seabed! Don't be frightened, the dive instructor will make sure you're safe underwater.

Our head looked smaller. Hahahaha!

ATV and Buggy Car

We paid 350 per person for this activity and it includes 1 hour tour, sight seeing at Mt. Luho, entrance fees and shuttle pick up from the hotel, tour at the butterfly museum and a ride at the Sky Cycle. We used the ATV since we wanted to drive on our own. It was my very first time to drive a buggy car and it felt like I was driving a motorcycle! This activity is perfect for adventurers!

It's pretty natural to feel nervous at first!

Uphill drive to Mt. Luho

Take note that you have to pay a specific amount (sorry, I forgot!) for the entrance to the viewing deck.

Sky Cycle

This ride looks like a roller coaster and you have to pedal along a track to make it move. I guess this is better compared to the terrifying roller coaster ride. The cost is already included in the package that we got (350 PHP). 

Lovely couple Ashley & Rodney riding the Sky Cycle! (photo from Rodney's Facebook)

You don't have to feel scared because all the activities I mentioned are safe, you just have to follow the guide's instructions and be a little more behave, or else..

We fought over a piece of plastic! This creature's tough!


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