Monday, 19 August 2013

(Day 1) Ilocos Norte: Laoag Airport, Texicano Hotel and Dap-Ayan Ti

Last December 12, 2012, I booked a seat sale at Cebu Pacific and paid 1,200 for two one-way tickets to Laoag. Ilocos Sur is one of my travel destinations this year and I just couldn't wait to visit the place again.

We arrived in Laoag International Airport via Cebu Pacific at past 8PM already and took the free shuttle service to our hotel. It took us about 15 minutes to get to the city proper. The driver dropped us off right in front of Texicano Hotel. Great!

Laoag Int'l Airport

Free Shuttle Service

We stayed at Texicano Hotel and paid 370 PHP for an ordinary fan room (double) with bath. It is a small room with bed, a small table and chair. Nothing really elegant. We got the room facing the street and it was actually difficult for us to sleep at night because we could hear the noise of vehicles outside.

Ordinary fan room (double)

Another view

We had our late dinner at Dap-Ayan Ti which is only a few blocks away from our hotel. We ordered Bagnetsilog (bagnet, sinangag and itlog) and bought one Ilocos Empanada. The empanada is made up of egg, veggies and longganisa wrapped in a dough and fried to perfection.

Dap-ayan Ti in Laoag City

Bagnetsilog (70 PHP)

Ilocos Empanada (40 PHP)

Day 1: BUDGET (in PHP)
Airport to Laoag- FREE
Room at Texicano Hotel- 370
Tricycle to Dap-Ayan Ti- 20 (only 5-minutes walk from our hotel)
Bagnetsilog- 140 (70 each)
Sprite- 30 (15 each)
Ilocos Empanada- 40
Toiletries- 433 (tooth paste, battery, bottled water, shampoo etc.)
Total:  1033 PHP


  1. natakam naman ako sa empanada:) hehe nice blog here:) keep blogging!

  2. thank you idol! :D