Saturday, 8 June 2013

San Juan, La Union: Eat and Kayak!

I had my first solo trip in La Union last March 2013. I came back last month  with my partner Jm. Since he wanted to surf and the only option we have was Baler or La Union, we chose the latter--- which only has 6 hours of travel time.

We were not sure whether there will be waves or not since it's already the end of the summer season, but we still decided to give it a try. It took us 6 hours and 30 minutes before we get to San Juan, La Union (whatever happened to Partas Bus? The driver was very slow!).

We made a room reservation at Lola Nanny's-- there will be another post for this. =) We felt a little disappointed because the waves were smaller, even though there were some people who were having surf lessons.

 Lola Nanny's common area

We went to Angel and Marie's Surfer's Retreat to have lunch. The restaurant is located just along MacArthur Highway in San Juan, La Union. A good meal for two will cost less than 300 PHP. Last time I went there, I shared a "purely vegan" dish (Blue Marlin Kilawin and Mixed Veggies) with the Canadian photographer, Craig.

Inside the restaurant.

Blue Marlin Kilawin 199 PHP (good for 2).

Four Seasons! 78 PHP for 2.

For dinner, we went to Little Surfmaid Restaurant and ordered a plate of Carbonara. It's actually good for one only, but because it costs a lot, we decided to share in one plate. Hahahahaha! Anyway, the pasta was tasty and we liked how they put so many bacon in it!

Carbonara 240 PHP.

We had a drink at Lola Nanny's after dinner. We shared a few ideas.. argued... teased.. and laughed. Hahaha!

Beer at Lola Nanny's! 40 PHP

The next morning, we met Lois of at The Circle Hostel. We talked over a cup of coffee and it was really great to see her again. Hearing her experiences makes me motivated to travel more. It was nice to see Maribel at the hostel, too! 

With Lois Yasay of

We had our breakfast at a local canteen along MacArthur Highway. We spent around 150 PHP--- relatively cheaper compared to other restaurants in the area. "Tapsi" costs around 60 -75 PHP. The taste wasn't that bad. :)

Adobo something.. 

At the beach, the waves were too small for surfing, but it didn't stop Jm from renting a surf board. We rented a surf board from Kuya Rey (my former surf instructor). One hour surf board rental costs 200 PHP. After 30 minutes or so, the waves were still small, so I decided to just rent a Kayak instead. 

One hour surf board rental 200 PHP

Drinking Coke before we go Kayaking 80 PHP

One hour Kayak rental 400 PHP.

We checked out at Lola Nanny's and rode a jeep to San Fernando to meet Ate Baneng, Jm's relative. We toured around Ma Cho Temple and Filipino and Chinese Pagoda.. that will be in my next post!

Total cost of damage: 
Partas bus from Cubao to La Union - 361 (student discount for Jm) + 449 (regular fare) = 810
Lola Nanny's - 500 (fan room w/ shared bath) + 200 (2hrs extension) = 700
Lunch at Angel and Marie's Surfer's Retreat - 297
Dinner at Surfmaid's - 240
Beer at Lola Nanny's - 80 (40 each)
Breakfast at a canteen - 150
Surf board rental - 200
Kayak - 400
Coke at San Juan Surf Resort - 80 (40 each)
Jeep from San Juan to San Fernando - 20 (10 each) 
Partas bus from San Fernando La Union to Cubao - 436 x 2 = 872
3849 PHP for two, as always!

Check out my other blog post about La Union here.

Tipid tip #1: We ate a lot for breakfast so that we don't have to eat for lunch.
Tipid tip #2: Share! Even though my partner is a big eater, we decided to share a plate of Carbonara (since Carbonara is rich in calories and fat-- enough to fill our belly). Don't over-indulge!
Tipid tip #3: Use your school ID! We saved more than 40 pesos in transpo!
Tipid tip #4: If waves are not for surfing, just do other activity such as Kayaking! 

Enjoy Kayaking!