Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Let's get started

who is the traveling babe?

I always wanted to travel. Time & money didn't let me to. Working as an online teacher for Koreans, it's really difficult to ask for a leave because attendance is important to them. that sucks, right?

Anyway, I met this fine, young lad. I used to ignore him in class (still in college). He was VERY persistent in pursuing me. We belonged to the same clique in school. So, after a year of being consistently pursued, I finally gave him a chance "of a lifetime." Char. Now, he's been my partner for more than a year.
Isn't that sweet?

I'm afraid of traveling alone so after giving him the "chance of a lifetime" I knew he was the perfect match. Don't get me wrong there, but isn't it nice to travel with someone? So yes, we started traveling.. seriously.

Although I must say, we haven't traveled all over the Philippines yet. Since we just started backpacking early this year, I thought it would be nice to share my experiences to all of you. 

What makes this blog different? I am very particular with the itinerary. The time, budget, and places. I'm a compulsive planner. I want everything well planned-- from the things to bring, the undies haha, the shoes, the time, the budget-- even the smallest things.

I read blogs, a lot.. I really like backpackingphilippines. I hope I can join Tutubi.. if there's an opportunity.

Anyway, I won't talk about myself anymore... I just want share a lot of things that I know.. through this blog.  AND, this isn't just about travel (but mainly focuses on places), this is also about.... everything-- from food, shopping, relationships, fashion & other stuff.

I'm not keen when it comes to grammar, so please forgive my future errors.

So God and bloggers, I hope ya'll help me promote this blog. 

Thank you!

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  1. welcome to the blogosphere mare :)) you might want to visit my blogs, too ^^


  2. thanks mare. ang dami mong blogs! hahaha.